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THE PROGRAMME Monthly Scottish League Two Programme of the Year award for 2019/20 has gone to Cowdenbeath. We are delighted to have worked closely with the club on this publication, providing them with design and print.

Congratulations go out to everyone involved. Here is what Programme Monthly had to say:

“To find such a piece of work in the fourth tier of Scottish football is amazing! 48 pages £2.50, just 12 of which are for advertising. This is a quality production, full of informed and intelligent journalism.

“It’s not something you skim through in a few minutes pre-match either, it can be savoured over a period of time.

“After the Manager’s piece, there’s ‘Noticeboard’, which details anything to do with the club and the local community and supporters. The first of the historical articles starts next with ‘Time Machine’, which looks back at previous decades and the clubs fortunes, going back to the early part of the twentieth century.

“A couple of detailed previous matches are reviewed, before ‘Tells A Sto’ry looks at how things can, and do, get misreported in the press.

“It’s an excellent and thought-provoking article. ‘Jeux Sans Frontieres’ carries on the historic articles with a look back to the 1939-40 season, while ‘Armchair Sportsman’ looks at what football books he might be purchasing soon. ‘Stent Nae Stent’ relates to a fan and his fundraising activities.‘

“Judderman Judgements’ doesn’t mince his words about the Scottish ‘Pyramid system’.

“‘The Away End’ looks at today’s opponents, and the historic articles continue with ‘The Cowdengelly Felly’, and ‘Cowden Conversations’ where an ex-player gives his thoughts on their time with the club. ‘Paper View’ and ‘Glimpses Of Glory’ look back again at times in the club’s history. ‘

“‘Statisfaction Guaranteed’ is an article about club statistics, and again thoughtfully constructed. ‘Scotianory’ looks back to the club’s earliest days and it’s times in the Scottish Cup.

“‘That’s Fife’ takes a look at how their county neighbours are doing. ‘Ask The Anorak’ is what it says, with fans writing in seeking answers to questions about the club, from the most thought provoking to the more mundane.

“This programme has so much reading to it; it’s almost like reading a book with short chapters. It has everything, and to find such a piece of work in the fourth tier of Scottish football is amazing.

“Wouldn’t be out of place in the SPL.”

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